Meet QoQo, your user experience AI companion.

An artificial intelligence to keep designers curious, organized and efficient.

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Screenshot of the QoQo plugin in Figma with persona post-its made with artificial intelligence
Frequently asked questions
What is QoQo?
QoQo is an AI for UX design, a companion that helps you get a broad and organized picture at the early stages of the design process. Based on your input, it generates cards to build a persona with user goals, needs, motivations, frustrations and tasks. Or it can help you identify challenges, risks and key elements for your design brief. We are also working on more features. Contact us to tell us what you’d like your UX companion to help you with!
Does QoQo replace user research?
No, QoQo should ideally be used in combination with your own user research, a central part of UX design. QoQo is a highly knowledgeable AI as it learned from the internet across the world. But it doesn’t know about a specific context you may look at, particularly if there hasn’t been qualitative publications about it.
What tech is QoQo using?
QoQo is powered by OpenAI. In its beta version, it is accessible as a Figma plugin. Tell us where you’d like to use QoQo!
How does QoQo avoid biais, a major challenge for an artificial intelligence in design?
OpenAI is built off the greatest knowledge store - the internet - which is biased as a result of enduring cultural norms. However, OpenAI has integrated de-biasing models to greatly reduce biais and is constantly improving this aspect. We recommend you also nudge it with your prompts using adjectives and descriptions, such as country, gender, age...
Who is behind QoQo?
We are UX designers turned product managers, and a developer, all passionate about our professions, and curious about how generative design and AI will change design. We are based in Malaysia, Ukraine, France and Egypt, and owners of extremely curious and charming white cats.
Is my information shared?
Only the prompts you add in the text boxes are sent to the AI to get results from the model, but they are not retained nor used for training. Upon registration, we collect your email address and name but do not share to third parties for marketing purpose.